Posted by: Nate | May 6, 2009

Priceless “The Price Is Right” Contestants

Ah, how quickly this blog turned into a flood of videos. I figured you’d like to watch a bunch of funny clips rather than just read about things that annoy me. And thus, I present you with history’s priceless “The Price Is Right” contestants.

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  1. you realize that the price is right is now hosted by drew carrey. Atleast it was the last time i saw it, it prolly isn’t even on the air anymore because he sucked so much. Probably the worst choice ever to supplant Bob Barker as the host. Montel Williams would have been a better host. Why didn’t they pick someone remotely funny? I say they just say fuck it, give Ellen 1 million dollars, and have her merge her show with the price is right. Only a Lesbian entertainer who loves to dance and give away free stuff (not cars or anything, but like tooth brushes and floss i’m guessing) would be able to follow Bob Barker. She could have celebrities on, much as she does now, and they could play along with contestants for the chance at the showcase showdown. That would be entertainment at its peak. Really when your only competition is Maury and the view, how does that show not attract every lazy bum and old lady sitting on their ass at noon watching tv. CBS and NBC, you can send me the check in the mail

  2. You bring up a valid point, Patterson.

    Personally, I think they should merge Rock Of Love with The Price Is Right. Bret Michaels could host and the audience would be full of trashy (though hot in a porn star way) girls. Then, they would bid on his personal items like a piece-of-shit autographed copy of a Poison album, and the winner would come up and they would make out. Then the process would continue.

    OR, Rob Dyrdek could host it in his Fantasy Factory. That would be legit.

  3. see, you take my idea, and then are able to spin it so that it could become a valuable tv show in any stations stable. Rob Dyrdek = MTV2, rock of love = vh1, little kids or puppets = PBS. Its not really that hard a thing to do, which really shows how sad our entertainment in this country has become. Basically everything is the same idea, just thrown back into some ping pong ball machine to mix put the pieces and thrown back out there as a new show. Hell, the original shows, such as The Office, that we all love, aren’t really original since it came from Britain. And did you see that Parks and Recreation show, it was the exact same fucking thing as the Office, just in a new place with new people. Fucking ridiculous. No shit it got canceled (I hope it did). The truly original creative things stay out there for way too long and get watered down, because there is nothing new to replace it. It happens in all forms of entertainment, and its really sad that people keep supporting these things. VH1 is an example of how this happened with reality tv. They have one show, and now it has blossomed into like 39 new shows all involving a made up name, and the words “of” and “love.” I don’t even think of myself as a creative person, but fuck, i feel like i could successfully run a television show.

    I’ve been listening to way too much Adam Carolla, my ranting skills have reached a peak and soon will spiral out of control

  4. Parks and Recreation is lame. I gave it a shot and threw up everywhere.

    I don’t really watch too much TV, mainly just LOST and The Office with a few other shows every now and then. TV sucks, except ESPN. There’s always something good on one of the 2934593 ESPN channels.

    Adam Carolla is the king of rants.

  5. ya, i only watch the office, daily show, and espn. Lost lost me, i just didn’t have the time, and that shit is a time commitment. i do however live with 5 or 6 girls, and they watch basically the shithole of all tv, bravo and vh1, and let me tell you, it has turned my appreciation for tv when i’m bored into basically a hatred for anything other than the above mentioned tv shows. Incubus had it right, tv’s just a fucking idiot box.

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