Posted by: Nate | April 16, 2009


I’ve come to love the giant, red, movie-dispensing machine at my local grocery store.

For a mere dollar (plus tax) you’ve got a night of entertainment. Unless you’re retarded like me and pay to reserve “Doubt” online, go to pick it up, don’t notice the button on the main screen to pick up a reservation, and pay a second time to rent the movie. Then, you feel like an idiot but you don’t want to just leave the copy you reserved so you go back to the main screen and get your reserved copy of “Doubt”. Finally, you drive home questioning your intelligence and consider calling Redbox to get a refund for $1.08.

In that case, you’ve got a night of regret and two copies of a movie you expected more from for $2 (plus tax).

Most of the movies I’ve rented from the Redbox were disappointing:

  • “Doubt” = Good…but the movie didn’t start until about 90 minutes in. Solid acting, though.
  • “Quarantine” = Crap. Basically, the most retarded people on Earth are trapped in a building with zombies.
  • “Marley & Me” (Not my choosing) = A nice change as far as Owen Wilson. He actually played a believable character. Probably because it was based on a true story.
  • “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” = Meh. Cute, funny, awkward (it’s Michael Cera, after all). Nothing special, though.

“Slumdog Millionaire” was the exception. As I watched it practically sweep all the awards shows and beat out a lot of spectacular films and performances, I got a little peeved. However, when it came out on DVD I made my way to the store and borrowed it from my giant, red friend. It’s really an incredible film and now I see why the film won so much praise. Jai ho.


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