Posted by: Nate | April 13, 2009

Advanced Anal & Lean Pockets

When I got to Com 409 this morning, I downloaded today’s lecture PowerPoint from the course’s website. The name of the topic: Advanced Analysis. How did it show up as an icon on my desktop?


I was a bit surprised when I saw it, given my sleep-deprived zombie state. I thought for a minute that in a class focused on research methods in communication, we were suddenly about to shift to a very different subject matter. Hell, maybe my prof was an expert in the area of anal activity and wanted to get us past the beginner stage.

I could really go for a Lean Pocket right now. Yeah, that’s right. Lean Pocket. Look at the word ‘pocket’ and tell me it’s not a weird word. I hate when that happens. Last week I had to type the word ‘food’ a few dozen times for an article I was writing, and by the end I was certain I was spelling it wrong. It just looked too weird.


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