Posted by: Nate | April 12, 2009


What have I done today?


I woke up at 2, ate an Easter breakfast at 3, and watched bits and pieces of National Security, Blue Streak, and Happy Gilmore on TV. I haven’t stepped foot outside my apartment.

In other news, I have a roommate named Kylie. She just walked in to my room, saw me typing on my laptop, stared at “World’s Funniest Office Commercials” on my TV for a second, and walked out muttering, “Whatever…”

Kylie, wipe your butt.

*Off topic, not that there is a topic*
I fucking hate that Hillshire Farm commercial with all those people on the airplane. You know, GO MEAT! Who comes up with that shit? I think I have some Hillshire Farm lunch meat that I bought at Costco. If it wasn’t so cheap and delicious, I would boycott that company just for creating that obnoxious, atrocious commercial.

I’ve got to get some people to read this. Otherwise, it’s like a diary.


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